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Simple jobs to do if you don't have any business.

They say patience is the key but have you not been patient enough waiting for your government to come to your Aid.

each day that passes by draws us to the end of our life. every day that passes by should be accounted for. You might feel that not he's really happening but the truth of the matter is that there are a lot of people out there making cool cash on a daily basis but yet, you sit down and go strolling about the street of Lagos or wherever your location Maybe without making ends means.

I have a solution for you but fast nothing works more for you than where you are really determined and determination is from your inside.

Firstly you must let go of Shame, because your hustle is your hustle; you should be proud of any business you find yourself doing.

1) . Sand.

They are lots of resources out there for us to capitalize on. alot of Natural Resources we are not to even venture into. We all came to this world with nothing but God have placed a lot of things for us to work with and start a life with. Even as insignificant at it as it could look, it is worth making money.

2). Water.

We learned a lot of lessons from the Hausa people, these guys are patience and patience is all we need you can go out there look for truck , get water and sell then after you have made some money you pay your lender back without even having to buy a truck.


Marketing is a skill a lot of people don't have and they find it difficult to ascertain, you can help people to publicize their goods on the platform that you have be to Whatsapp status, your Facebook account your Twitter account or your YouTube account .by so doing does, people you are advertising for pay you, and your online platform pays you as well.

4).collation center.

Virtually each time you walk around on the streets you see lady has plastic iron that you can gather and resell.

5). Run Errands.

Instead of sitting down and be priding around that you're too big to run errands for people that are really bigger than you, why not calm your head down and start running little errand for someone who could give you 1,000, when you do that 10 times ,you will get 10,000 ; you've paid yourself better than some people who is doing government job.

Content created and supplied by: Paulsalifu224 (via Opera News )

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