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Female Corper Cries out that She Won't Get 33k Any More, Why the Other Buys a Car- See Reactions

Life is really full of ups and down, infact it is a mystery, it is something that is in explainable and undescribable. Though they is always a saying that, it is not how far you've gone in life, but how well it is. No matter the amount of money you are receiving or how fat your salary looks like, but what matter most is the ability to utilize such money.

The ability to turn your creativity into something unique makes you a star. Others might be complaining of no money, no job or no opportunities, but you see your self making a difference.  I could remember during my service year, how I utilize every good opportunities that came my way. Despite the fact that i was teaching in a school and doing the needful, I didn't just stop there, I also learnt so many things and at the same I was doing other business around. During my service year, I was privilege to design our CDS banner and stickers. I was also baking cakes and meat pie. I made use of every opportunities that came my way.

The Lady in question who bought a car said, she didn't just depend on her allowee, she ventured into other businesses around and that is why she was able to buy her self a car. She is an entrepreneur and also a film maker. She wrote and said, God didn't let her to suffer no beg for bread rather she was a giver and she concluded by saying that she has never seen a better yesterday.

The other corper also cried out while passing out and said, where will she see a job of N33,000, that she prefers to serving than leaving the scheme. In her speech, she is saying that labour market is no favourable and where on earth will she get a better offer.

Her speech has drawn several attentions on social media. But going through several comments online, many people lamented with her while others gave their views.

When ifeoma the lady who bought a car posted it online, they was a lot of mixed reactions. See pictures below

So guys, what's your opinion between the lady who bought a car and the other lady who prefers receiving the N33,000 allowee.

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