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Forex trading: How to avoid Spike in trading Boom and Crash

Forex trading: How to avoide Spike in trading Boom and Crash.

Good day my people out there, hope you guys are staying save.

In my today's article I will be discussing a very big challenges facing those trading boom and crash which at the end of the day you will find usefull. First of all I will like to explain what is really boom and crash?:

Boom and Crash are synthetic indices aspect of forex trading, these are markets that ticks base on simulation from stocks, often times there are single future assets like Boom 500 or Crash 500 which might be simulated by over 100 company’s stocks.

havent got to no what boom and crash is let's now get down to business.

there are two ways in which people trade boom and crash the first one is:

1. Catching of spike

2. Dodging Spike

but me basically I Dodge spike which I will be explaining on the strategy I use.

firstly before you start trading boom and crash I always advice people to have a Laptop or Desktop computer apart from your smart phone, the reason is this is where you will install your indicator, and you will just apply some little strategy and you are good to start trading.

after you might have install your MQ5 in your laptop make sure you have what we call "Digi Spike detector, Digi Spike detector will assist you in showing danger in your Chart when spike is about to happen, hence you can leave the market with your gain..

after you might have install this software, we have what we call "Bear Malami" that is on boom, when it shows just no you have a strong sale, you can immediately enter the market, and when it started showing danger just leave the market with what ever gain you have available.


I believe this will help you alot in mastering on how to be successful trading boom and crash..

You can contact me Incase you need the software to install in your Computer on Email: [email protected] or Whatsapp me on: +2348148919417

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