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3 Advantages of the Newly Implemented Opera News Credit Score (Opinion)

OperaNewsHub is an online news platform which has gifted so many unemployed Nigerian youths with a platform in which they can earn money through writing. I have always loved writing as a little girl. I also love books a great deal. This is why I consider a platform like OperaNewsHub is a kind of rare gift.

When the OperaNewsHub was launched last year, People made a great deal of money which was really wonderful. My only regret is that I didn't sign up to be an opera news writer until much later. As the months went swiftly by, OperaNewsHub continued to introduce new policies including the new revenue structure and finally the Credit Score System.

The Credit Score is a new indicator set up by the OperaNewsHub to monitor the rate at which their creators violate their laid down rules. There are some creators on the hub whose sole work is to plagiarize people's work, they copy both the pictures, words and virtually everything about one's article. Through the introduction of the credit score though, this and every other violations committed by content creators are all gradually coming to an end. No one wishes to be banned from writing anyway.

How the credit score works is that whenever a writer's Article gets rejected due to violation of any of the publishing rules, a certain number of points is deducted from the complete credit score which is 100%. Every rule has some points allocated to be subtracted from the credit score, CS, when it's violated. In any case, the implementation of the CS system has helped the writers and the OperaNewsHub as a whole.

Advantages of the Credit Score

I. Massive reduction in plagiarism rate.

2. Improvement in Content Quality and Originality.

3. There's increased obedience to the laid down rules of the OperaNewsHub by the Opera Writers.

If you're a content writer and you know other benefits of this Credit Score, don't hesitate to share it with us through the comments section, please, like and also share. Thanks so much!

Content created and supplied by: YvonneScribes (via Opera News )

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