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His Dream Was To Start A Company, So His Bosses Gave Him £20K To Start One

Kacper Serafin left Poland and moved to the United Kingdom with just a hand suitcase, £260 in his pocket, and his dreams. He has always dreamt of starting his own company, so he tried his best to make money to pay his bills while spending his nights upskilling himself to learn to design and build websites from scratch.

Kacper found a job in an internet sports shop warehouse. After work, he develops his coding and design skills with a cup of coffee to fuel him through the night. One fateful night, his coffee spilled and ruined his work notes. An idea came to him.

He wanted to have a mug that wouldn’t be easily knocked over even with his small room and tiny, shaky desk. He tried to look for products that could be a solution to his problem but didn’t find any. Kacper saw it as an opportunity in the market. He also wanted the coffee mug to be portable to take to work and keep his drink warm.


And so, he started his research on how he can make the product and where he could have it manufactured. By the end of 2017, he already had a grasp of how it can be done but still didn’t know who could make it for him. He was considering China, but he needed more funds to go there and look for a supplier to help him develop his magic coffee mug.

To earn extra income, Kacper took on a sideline gig riding for Deliveroo by late 2017. Starting your own business while maintaining a full-time job can be a challenge and having a part-time job made it impossible to still continue his 9-5 job at the warehouse. So, he decided to let go of his full-time work and just work with Deliveroo. That way, he can focus more on the business and have the flexibility he needs to develop his idea. He used that freedom well.

Kacper traveled to China to look for a supplier and fortunately found the factory that he’s still working with right now. He remained in China to oversee the production line. He then decided to test the waters and started selling an initial 50 mugs. The results were favorable, so he ordered another 200 units and more. He was even able to register the “Magic Suction Mug” trademark in July 2018.


His start-up is off to a good start, but he got a big boost for his business that he never expected. Deliveroo, which is also a start-up, wanted to hear what their riders want as their own business and asked them to pitch in their ideas.

Kacper took the opportunity and submitted his business pitch with a detailed plan of working with the local community and promoting his product to as many people as possible. The guys at Deliveroo loved his idea so much that they granted him £20,000 (or around $23,000) as seed money.

Right now, Kacper is still ironing all the aspects of the business. But the investment from Deliveroo will enable him to hire people to help him with graphic design and videography for marketing.

His next goal is to take his product to the global market. He also wants to take a step further and design his own coffee mug range and kitchen appliance line that will also stick to the table.


After all that he went through, Kacper has learned that you should believe in yourself and your ideas regardless of who you are or where you came from. He himself started as just a young man with an idea and an ambition to build a better life. He said that his biggest lesson in this is that there’s no better time to start than now. There may be hiccups along the way, but you’ll never get to your destination if you don’t take the first step.

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