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Three tips to develop confidence

Firstly confidence is self assurance/reliance or feeling of certainty .confidence is the ability of being bold to make certain decision with total trust that it will come out in positive result. Below are the 3 tips that will help you build your confidence. yourself:the ability to love and pay attention to how you feel and want is the best gift you can give yourself. If you do not love yourself no one will do it for you. Know that loving yourself gives you that edge to fight hate speech, peer pressure and life challenges.

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2.Exercise: exercise is an activity intended to improve physical, mental and psychological wellbeing of an individual. Do not be afraid to move,to sweat,to take a step or put effort until your desired result comes to reality.

3.Be fearless: it is okay to fail, it shows there is nothing you won't try. risk takers and future winners. through decision making are where winners are build. Remember that Rome is not built in a day and staying confident in this era is a necessity.

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