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Between Proper Education Investment and spending wisely which one lead a person to a successful life

Good day Opera News readers,in this Article we come up with a a topic of discussion that you're going to choose out of this three that Define being success in know that being a successful is not something easy in life,it requires,hardworking, consistency and patience that will lead you to success.So I am going to list this three categories that define successful in life,out of this three you are going to choose Two things that define being successful in life and here it is.

Proper Education

Many people believe that education is a key to success without education you can not be successful, education change your life to a better place,it helps you to gain personal control of yourself and know the the type of person you are or to know who you are.when you are educated or may be you graduate from College, polytechnics and University you can become a manager instead of becoming a security man,as you get differ in education you can understand of what is right, wrong,fair and unfair and you will be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a citizen of a country.

Education allows you to turn your dreams into reality,may be you dream about something that could change your life and the life of others, Proper education lead you to to fulfill your dreams come true.

Knowledge gain through education prepares individual solve problems,teach others and implement information ideas.But it is true that proper education is key to success in life,Aliko Dangote is a good example he is not well educated but he is the richest man in Africa, philanthropist and a founder and chairman of Dangote Group of Companies in Africa, but now how many professors, Doctors,Msc and Degree holders are working under Dangote.


The second option is investment, investment is a process or act of putting your money to work or expand a business or project and purchase of an asset with the aim of earning income.This is a brief definition of what investment is all about.

Many believe that investing your money is a key way to succes in life.investment is all about wealth creation,it has a risk but investing in long term investment will overcome the risk and grow your money many times while you are asleep.Some example of long term investments is stocks, mutual fund,croud funding,ETTS,Tax sheltered, Retirement plans,Real estate, Annuities and a good example of of investment platform here in Nigeria,the safest way to invest your money with zero scam is Opay(owealth) investment.Investment is very important in life especially for the betterment of our children education, marriage, retirement and other future goals.Do you know that the succesful investor in Nigeria is Aliko Dangote, followed by kinnevic who invested in Nigerians konga founded by Mr Tony Elumeka the succesful Nigerian business man and philanthropist, becoming a successful investor is not happen overnight.

Ability to spend wisely

The last but not the least is the ability to spend wisely,do you know that spending your money wisely will lead you to success in your life.And I know you are aware of peoples in your community that doesn't spend their money wisely and the peoples that spend wisely those peoples that spend their money wisely are more succesful in life than the people that spend their money any how,if Aliko Dangote did not spend his money wisely he will not be able to become the richest man in Africa Because he started selling goods on a table.

So in your opinion choose Two out of this three,proper education, investment and ability to spend wisely which one dedfine being successful in life.

I hope you find this article very interesting don't forget to drop your opinion in the comments section thanks for reading.

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