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Are You In Dire Need of Cash? Check Out 17 Brilliant Ways You Can Get Money In Few Hours

Money is a scarce commodity and sometimes we might find ourselves in situations whereby we are in dire need of cash. This has prompted me to bring up brilliant ideas you can apply to get money in few hours.

Ask family and friends to loan you.

Sell your belongings

Partner with any craftsmen, such as painters, dry-cleaner.

Meet any bus driver, they him you will like to work as his bus conductor.

Go to a Building or Construction site, there must be a job for you to do there.

Meet Parents, tell them you can tutor their wards for a fee.

Pick empty plastic water can, drink cans, bottles, look for someone to buy them.

Go to a refuse dump site, pick metals, look for scrap cart pushers, sell to them.

Go to any popular market, take note of people wanting to buy things, tell them you sell, meet store owners to give you the item at discounted price, sell to the buyer, return the sellers cost of item, keep your profit.

Go to a nearby block industry, there must be a job for you there.

Go to any sawmill, tell them you want to help them tidy up their environment. They would be glad you are willing to, gather wood shavings and sawdust after you must have helped them tidy up. Locate any poultry farm, sell the sawdust and wood shavings to them.

Go to any cassava processing mill, ask them to give you cassava peels. They would be glad to dispose their wastes. Locate any pig farm, sell the cassava peels to them.

Go to any Bakery, Tell them you need daily pay job.

Look for a forest, set trap for bush meats, when your trap catches meat, display the bush meat where there are a lot of passerbys.

Look for bushy houses and environments, meet the occupants, tell them you will like to help them weed their environments for a fee.

Enter any bush, cut firewood and sell.

Go to anyone selling peeled pineapples, collect the pineapple barks, look for a nearby bush, spread the pineapple barks in the bush, come back at night, you will see a lot of snails clustered around the pineapple peels, you will gather so many snails, then sell the snails.

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