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Liquid Gold Aside Here Are List Of Other Natural Resources In Nigeria And Their Locations.

Nigeria is really a blessed nations, in fact its one of the most blessed country in Africa. The nation is endowed with plenty of natural resources and minerals. this resources are sources of wealth which appear naturally and are used by humans.

 This natural materials are mostly the main source of a county income because they play an important role in enhance the economy of the country, as they are usually used for trading and export. 

Oil and gas or the liquid gold is the most known natural resources in Nigeria, but there are huge amount of various natural resources in Nigeria. This materials include; Bitumen, Coal, Gold, etc.

Here are list of natural resources in Nigeria and their locations.


Places to find this mineral are:

Edo state

Ebonyi State

Kaduna State

Oyo State



Lagos State

Edo State

Ondo State

Ogun State.

Lead and zinc;

Ebonyi State

Benue State

Kano State

Ogoja in cross river State.


Ondo State

Enugu State.

Iron ore;

Benue State

Anambra State

Kogi State 

Kwara State

Delta State.


Akwa Ibom State

Abia State

Ebonyi State

Cross River State.



Bauchi State.

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Kaduna State Lagos State Nigeria Ogun State Oyo State


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