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Start Any of These 6 Uncommon Businesses and Make Money in 2020

EGG DISTRIBUTION: This business can be started with as little as Seventy(70) thousand naira. A crate of egg directly from the farm is sold for 700naira. Let's assume you start with 100 crates, 70,000 naira would be enough to get that quantity of eggs. The beautiful thing about this business is that you can sell all the 100 crates of eggs in one day. If you sell a crate for 900. You have made 20,000 naira on the 100 crates. Now let's exclude the cost of transportation which should not be more than 5,000 naira. You've made a profit of 15,000 naira in just one day. Just imagine you supply 10 times a month.

DRIED PONMO BUSINESS: A bag of dried PONMO sells for 30,000 naira, which contains 1800 pieces in a bag. If you package 30 pieces for 1000 naira in a nylon ( This is the cheapest amount it is sold anywhere) you would have 60 packs, That's 60,000 naira. A 100% profit on one bag. Let's assume you sell 5 bags in a month, you've just made 150,000 naira.

BEANS FLOUR BUSINESS: A bag of beans is presently sold for 21,000 naira. Wash the beans, dry it, and grind to powder form. Package in transparent nylon and seal. You are sure going to have a lot of patronage because so many person's love 'akara' and 'moi-moi' but do not have the time and patience to peel beans.

MELON STORAGE BUSINESS: Melon can be gotten from some Northern States at a ridiculously cheap price during melon season. Buy and store, sell during melon off season and make an unimaginable profit.

GROUNDNUT BUSINESS: People love groundnut a lot. Buy unshelled groundnut during groundnut season when farmers are harvesting. Remove the shells either manually or with machine, supply to people and you will certainly make more than 100% profit on a bag. You can also store and sell during off season and make a lot of money.

CRAYFISH BUSINESS: Crayfish Business is an untapped goldmine. Everyone loves cooking with crayfish. Crayfish is very cheap during raining season. A bag of crayfish is 40,000 naira during raining season, which contains 30 custard paints. If you sell a custard paint for 3,000 naira. You will be making a profit of 50,000 naira. Now let's imagine you were able to sell 10 bags in a month, you must have made half a million naira profit in just one month.

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