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10 habits of rich people you should start practicing.

Many people think that becoming rich means getting lucky. However, while this is definitely the case for those with family money or the rare individuals that happen to win the lottery, a large portion of wealth accumulation is actually the result of making thousands of small, intelligent financial decisions compounded over time. 50 naira saved today is worth 100 tommorow and all that jazz.

That’s why we’ve created this list of the top ten habits that rich people follow. It’s basically a “fake it until you make it” thing. Adopt these ten habits into your life today and you will be almost guaranteed to have a better tomorrow.

1. Write it down: One of the top secrets for accumulating money is to make a plan and stick to it. It’s easier said than done, but writing down your goals can help to cement them in your mind and make them more concrete.

2.take good care of yourself: nobody is going to take care of YouNow and even in the long run so it is good you avoid troubles and other mishaps in other to achieve

3. Don't waste money: when some people get a million naira, the first thought that comes In their mind is to either spend it or get something new. Even though it's only half the money you use it's still spending. I can understand if you needed to spend it on important things like, your phone is misbehaving and you need a new phone, fine but just because you have money don't go and buy the 3rd to most expensive phone on the market or because you have money take you, your girlfriend, family or friends out to enjoy either for dinner or amusement.

4. Invest: when rich people get money they either invest in things that will make them richer or things that will help them in the long run. I did not say go and Invest in the stock exchange then loose all your money then blame me.

5. Don't put all your money in one basket: you may have already heard this phrase,let's say you knew how to trade stocks and wanted to join the stock market,you will always be advised not to use all your money to buy one share, because anything can happen, even though it is the biggest company in Nigeria. So even though one didn't go well for you the rest can help you. Just imagine someone has 5 keys and wants to hide it, will he put all the keys in one place and hide it,no he shouldn't he will divide the keys into different locations so that it cannot be found. Please I did not tell you to hide anything that you may later forget and won't remember where you kept it,don't blame me. more books:Reading is probably the number one most talked about habit that pretty much all successful people partake in. Really, if there is one habit we would recommend over all the others, it’s this one. It’s time to turn off the TV, folks.

According to Tom corley, the author and researcher behind Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals, wealthy people almost always opt for reading over consuming TV shows and movies. How much reading is enough? While there is no set answer, studies show that 88% of rich people read for at least 30 minutes per day.

7.value your time:a lot of people have excess time on their hands, some don't, while some have very little. It all depend on how you use your do you use your time? That brings us to number 6 and 8.

8. While we’re on the subject of time, one way to free up more of it is to find a source of passive income. The truly rich are those who are making money constantly, even while they’re sleephether that means starting some sort of side business, getting into the stock market, or investing in real estate, the choice is yours. However, almost all wealthy individuals have some sort of way of making additional cash that doesn’t involve their active participation. You need to always be on the lookout for these sorts of opportunities.

9. Leave your work at work:Part of being successful is being willing to put the work in. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up on everything else that makes life enjoyable though. Having a clear divide between work life and home life will not only help you to prevent exhaustion but will also cause you to be a whole lot more energized and focused when you actually are working.

you want to adopt a strategy that will keep you moving towards your goals, without sacrificing your mental health or sanity along the way.

10. Never stop learning: okay no body can tell you that in their life they have stopped learning, but the thing is you should select the ones that are useful to you.

Did these help you, don't forget to like and share. Also comment on what you think,does all this reflect you or is it only some,let me know.

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