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Five businesses you can do in Lagos that will fetch you millions

As a young person that is trying to make a living, especially one that has long graduated without any hope of getting a good and well paying job with your degree, it is normal to feel discouraged especially if you reside in Lagos, Nigeria.

Lagos is a very tough place and it takes a lot of struggle to survive in. Lagos is however the home of most economic and educational activities in Nigeria. It is the most populated state in Nigeria.

Many people who have graduated have has to learn one trade or the other in order to make ends meet. It is either tailoring, baking, fashion designing or even hair styling and make up. There are many opportunities to improve oneself out there and if you are one of the people in search of this opportunities then this article is for you.

I will be sharing with you five businesses that you can start with very little money in Nigeria that will fetch you millions.

1.Catering:From baking cakes to selling confections,cateeing has proven to be one of the most lucrative businesses to start that is sure to pay you. You can deliver your food to people personally or you can cook for major invents like wedding, burial ceremonies and the rest.

2.Fashion designing :The demand for fashion designers in the world today is tremendous what with the vast improvement and growth in the entertainment industry and modernization.You can start this business with a very little amount of money and you can be sure to make impressive profits.

3.Transportation buusness:Fir this all you need is a well serviced vehicle to convey people. It is very lucrative especially if you are traveling from state to state. You will make a lot of profit in the long run.

4.Online shopping buisness:You can sell products online and make your profits. If you are consistent you can create traffic on your store and make your shop popular.

5.Clothing business:Even if you are selling second hand clothes, you will make a lot of profit from this if you are consistent. Clothing is a necessity and so demand will be consistent. You can sell various clothing apparels of your choice.

Thank you so much for reading my article .

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