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Whoever says you can not become a MILLIONAIRE by earning salary, such person needs to meet these MEN

Whoever says you can not become a MILLIONAIRE by earning salary, such person needs to meet these MEN

Majority of the world population want to live large, live comfortable, make huge money, be wealthy, they want to dictate their time, and also have their liberty, hence the rush or race to become a self-employed..a Chief Executive Officer OR Chairma.

But, majority of this people end up frustrated, poor and abadoning their dreams of becoming SELF EMPLOYED, because they failed to realised that owning and building a business requires not just your time but your energy, knowledge of the business, perseverance, mentoring, finance, finance, finance and finance.

They failed to realise or to know that for one to become a MULTI MILLIONAIRE one does necessarily have to be a SELF-EMPLOYED or a CHAIRMAN, but, they can not be blamed because that is what their MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS are busy sellingto them.

The "desire to acquire" people, as the Motivational speakers are mockingly called have misadvised most of these people into leaving or walking away from their well paid jobs, in the name of pursuing a dream or to become a self-employed.

But to become a MULTI MILLIONAIRE only requires these five simply things, number one is SELF-DEVELOPMENT, follow by DEDICATION or COMMITMENT, then, there must be the spirit of PERSEVERANCE, you also need to be INNOVATIVE, and lastly, PRAYERFUL.

I here by present to you, the list of Nigeria, yes, Nigerians, our own dear country Nigerian people, NIGERIAN SALARY EARNERS who are MULTI MILLIONAIRE, according to "Nairametrics Research";

1. Ferdinand Moolman.

Mr. Ferdinand Moolman is the most senior member of staff at Nigeria's leading telecommunication giant, MTN Nigeria, Mr. Ferdinand Moolman goes home with a mouthwatering five hundred and eighty six million Naira(N586m) annually!

2. Augustine Avuru.

Mr. Avuru is the most senior officer at Nigeria’s leading crude oil exploration companies, Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc. Augustine Avuru is said to be smiling to the bank with a salary payment of four hundred and forty million Naira(N440m) annually.

3. Segun Agbaje.

At the number 3, we have the handsome and intelligent Segun Agbaje, Mr. Segun is also the most senior member of staff at Nigeria's new generation bank and people's favourite, Guaranty Trust Bank(GTB). Segun Agbaja earns a whopping four hundred million Naira(N400m)as salary, annually.

4. Yaw Nsarkoh.

Mr. Yaw Nsarkoh was the Managing Diretor at Unilever, Mr. Yaw Nsarkoh received a mouthwatering salary of three hundred and three million Naira(N30m) annually for Unilever PLC, before he resigned in 2019.

5. Michel Puchercos.

Until his resignation as the managing Director of Larfarge in 2019, Mr. Michel Puchercos was a two hundred and seventy two million Naira(N272m) annual salary earner. He however resigned his position and joined Dangote Group.

6. Jordi Borrut Bel.

Mr. Jordi Borrut Bel is in charge of the Nigerian Brewery, he is a legit earner of two hundred and seventy one million Naira(N271m)annually.

7. Lars Richter

Mr. Lars Richter is the managing Director of one of the biggest construction companies in Nigeria, Julius Berger PLC. The calm handsome Managing Director also earns an annual two hundred and seventeen million Naira(N217m) from his employers.

8. Emeka Emuwa

Mr. Emeka Emuwa is the head of Union Bank of Nigeria PLC, he is also a legit earner of one hundred and seventy two million Naira(N172m).

There are numerous Nigerians that are millionaires through earning salaries working for other people, the notion that you can never become a millionaire or you can not make it in life if you are a salary earner is a big lie.

Like I said earlier, work on your self-development, stay focused and committed to your goal, where you are does not matter to how much wealth you can acquire(let me borrow their word, smiles), what matters is what you do where you are!

I hope after reading this article, your mentality about this thing would change, do not allow anyone to deceive you, entrepreneur is not an easy journey to take, no one is discouraging from venturing into it, but be sure that you really want it and not because soome one or a motivational speaker told you that it is the fastest way to make money and be wealthy, because it is not!!!

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