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You can startup a business with #50k

You can start up a business with below #50k

Are you a graduate or a student, do you have any idea of starting a business.  

Do you want to start a business? If yes you are at right place.

Nigerian youth have faced many challenges on employment, even before this pandemic which worsen the situation. Most unemployed and have nothing to do after graduation, that makes me to write-up this article you are reading.  

I am poultry farmer and I know how profitable is to practice poultry. 

As I have said earlier you can start up a business with less than #50k. Yes I mean it.

Poultry farming is act of rearing birds from Day-Old chicks to a table size; I know you will have interest on it. Let’s start.

To startup a poultry business you only need three things.




Space:- Its not true that you most have a wide space to start up small space

Cage:- you can do it yourself, just borrow or hire hammer, wood Saw and then buy used wood, zinc, net and nail.

Birds:- number of birds depend on how much you have on ground.

In my next article I will write on how the calculation will be which will determine the number of birds you will start with.

Thank you

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