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Forget About Crude Oil: See The Mineral Resources That We Have In Plateau State(Photos)

1. Bauxite

Bauxite is an aluminum ore and is the main source of aluminum.

2. Bismuth

Bismuth is mostly used as an ingredient in pharmaceutical products. It is used to treat diarrhea and some other digestive problems and diseases.

3. Cassiterite

Cassiterite is the principle ore of the metal tin. It is also used as a collectors mineral with the transparent forms being highly desired. Cassiterite is occasionally used as a minor gemstone, being faceted mostly for collectors.

4 . Clay

Clay is a building material, it is used in the form of brick, either sun-dried or fired.

5. Columbite

It is used to manufacture electric capacitors.

6. Gem stones

Gemstones are very useful for the mankind. These stones have been used since time immemorial for ornaments and jewelry.

7. Granite

Granite is used for building, paving, monuments and many other exterior projects.

8. Kaolin

Kaolin is used internally to control diarrhea and topically as an emollient and drying agent.

9. Marble

It is used for stone, home furnishings, status, floors, counters, clocks, hot plates, table, pillars, structural resurfacing, even bathroom appliances. It is also used to create pens.

10. Molybdenite

It is used as a specialist lubricant.

11. Salt

Salt is used for flavoring and for preserving food. It has also been used in tanning, dyeing and bleaching, and the production of pottery, soap, and chlorine. Salt is widely used in the chemical industry.

12. Tin

Tin is used for coating lead, zinc of steel to prevent corrosive. Steel containers coated with tin are commonly used to preserve food.

13. Zinc

Zinc is mostly used as an anti- corrosive agent in products. It is found in Abuja, Akaw Ibom, Anambra, Benue, Cross River, Enugu, Imo, Kano, Niger Plateau, Taraba State.

14. Coal

The most significant uses are in electricity generation, steel production, cement manufacturing and as a liquid fuel. Coal is found in Benue, Enugu, kogi, Nasarawa, Ondo, Plateau, Zamfara State.

15. Lead

Lead can be used as a pure metal, alloyed with other metals, or as a chemical compound.

16 Iron Ore

Iron ore is used to make iron. Iron is made into buildings, trains and cars. It's transformed by melting into steel for many applications.

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Bauxite Bauxite Bismuth Bismuth Cassiterite Clay Clay Crude Oil


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