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Latest Price Of Prepaid Meter.

Getting a prepaid meter this days is difficult. You need an expert to support you in getting the form and the meter. When prepaid meter was introduced,it was shared on a free basis,for those who pay their bill regularly. But as time goes on the application of meter became difficult to the extent that those that submit their form find it so hard to receive meter within the range of 45 to 60 days,some people have been expecting for over a year but no result. But to me i did not see that as a big deal because a time shall come when it will be available for those that have pay. For those who still are in doubt will be in a big thrash because when the distributors see that half of their users are on prepaid meter then the rest will be paying more than what they consume.

Here are the price of prepaid meter before the increase of (vat).

1). Single phase - # 36,991.50

2). Three phase - # 67,055

These are the new price of meter since the increase in (vat). It has been effective since June 1.

1). Single phase - # 44,896.17+(3,367.21)- vat 7.5%

2). Three phase - # 82,855+(6,214.14)- vat 7.5%




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