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Pastor Adeboye said a man added honey to the peanut he sold which led him to having two private jets

Sunday Service

19th July, 2020. 

Topic: From Lockdown to lifting up

Bible Text: Acts 3:1-8

Preacher: Pastor Adeboye

Genesis 28:10-22;

1) Before you take off, you must consider landing. Why? Ecclesiastes 7:8. It is far better to remain ordinary than to become an ex-successful.

 One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a man is yo be successful before they are ready - 2 Chr 26:3-21 tells us of a boy who became a king at the age of 16 and things went well but because he wasn't ready before he succeeded, he ended up a leper. Gen 48:8-20, Deut 33:17 - Ephraim prospered but the prosperity became an idol to him - Hosea 4:17. Luke 14:28-40. 

Success is coming your way - Isaiah 3:10, Col 1:27. 

Judges 14:5-14 - Out of the lockdown, mighty breakthrough will come for God's children. 

Gen 12:1-3 - Abraham is a man that God promised blessings. Gal 3:13-14 says that the blessing of Abraham will be ours. 

2) Jacob didn't steal, he bought his brother's blessings - Gen 25:29-34. Luke 6:38, Prov 11:24-25, Ecc 11:3, John 3:16,Rom 8:29, Gen 14:17-20. Mal 3:8-11( God was speaking only to the seeds of Abraham to pay tithe). Gal 3:29( if you're a Christian,you're one of the seeds of Abraham). Jacob partnered with God. 

Gen 32:9-10, 30:27-43, 31:1-13

It you make God your partner, every night you sleep, He will show you all you need to do for your business that will baffle the world. 

A manger in the place of work who wanted to go higher. God told him to pay his tithe and roast peanut and add honey to the peanut. He did it without questioning God. Some years back he roasted peanut for a president and it led him to having two private jets. 

He had qualification and couldn't get a job, God gave him an idea and began to roast akara(bean cakes). People would buy and began to tell their friends, he bought motorcycle from the money he made. 

When Jacob came to Egypt, Gen 46:26-27, Exodus 12:37. 

If you allow God to step into your home,He will become the CEO. Luke 5:1-11. 

Several years ago, when Daddy G.O was visiting America attending a conference, the organizers wanted to raise money and there was a young man who asked for permission to speak, and he told the people to give generously and he said whatever was given was what he and his wife would give. Everything was counted and it amounted to #3.5 million dollars. He took the microphone and said "brethren is this all you can do". He said 5 years ago,he started a business with 500 dollars and told God he'll take 10% and give God 90%. His company then made a huge turn around. 

If you're going to start a business, God will not be your junior partner, he will take the lead. 

Before you take off, consider your landing! Who will be your senior partner??

I pray God help us all in Jesus name.

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Adeboye Ephraim Genesis Hosea Preacher


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