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Check Out 20 Quotes About Money Making That You Should Know!

Money is power. Money answers all things. Some say money is a piece of paper, yet it's hard to find. This same piece of paper is so powerful that it can cause people to separate. It can tear families apart. There is a general saying that ,' If you want to know who a person really is, then try him/her with money. There is obviously a spirit behind this thing called money, but that's not our focus in this article. However, we only know that we need money, because it's capable of meeting our needs here on earth.

Money has led alot of people into doing the unthinkable just to get it. If only they knew that they need not stain their hands in other to make money, they would have simply done so.

Consequently, in this article I will sharing with you 20 quotes about money making that will inspire you greatly and give you a new mindset.

The first 3 quotes are mine, while the last 17 quotes are that of great men and women who are successful today. People who have attained financial fortune and freedom. So sit back and go through them carefully.



This particular quote has really helped me a lot, because I have learned that if you want to be successful, don't struggle on your own, rather lean on successful people. For example if you want to start a business, say outside the country, don't immediately have your own brand, but register under top brands and work for them. With this, you won't only learn a lot, but you will make enough money in the few years you will be with them, before you finally be your own boss.

3This is also one of my favorite quotes. I see my phone as my first office, because it actually is. There are so many ways we can make money with our smart phones aside 'yahoo'. There are so many 'Remote Jobs' out there- jobs that you can do from the comfort of your homes and at your own convenience. Making Videos, Freelance Writing, Surveys, Referrals, Developing an Android app are some ways to make money with your smart phones. You get paid per view, per click, per survey, per referral and per download respectively on these platforms. Testimonies abound of people who have made it with these platforms.

I really hope you have been inspired by these quotes. Please share your thoughts below. Also like and share and hit the follow button for more articles!

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