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7 Things That Takes Money Away From You.

Have you ever been broke? You suddenly hit a few hundreds of thousands of money and before you know it gbam! It disappears. The money looks plenty when you have it in your hand but within few days you begin to ask yourself what on earth did I use this money to buy or where did all my money go?

In Nigeria West Africa, we mystify everything. People will say you are possessed, or its a demon trafficking. Some will say the witches in your fathers house are after you. I just laugh at such wanton folly and shear ignorance.

All this is what am going to deal with in this article and by the time you finish reading and digesting this article. You will be basking in the euphoria of the solutions and your money will no longer disappear.

So, without wasting any time lets go straight to the point. Meanwhile, kindly like, share and comment at the end of this page.

7 things that drives money away from you

Mal-treatment of money: almost all poor people are guilty of this, they treat money like trash yet, they are chasing money every day. Have you ever see any rich person that treat money shabbily, they will neatly pack it inside wallets, purse, briefcase, envelops etc. But the poor especially our market women (apology to our mothers), mechanic, okada and taxi drivers. They rub it with palm oil, motor oil, fold it, squeeze it and straight to their pocket or squeeze together in a small container trust me am a witness. 

From today start treating money well and it will stick with you. That does not mean you love money, it means you value it. You may not have a naira (Nigerian Currency) in your pocket yet you are guilty of the love money.

Treating money as a toy. Many people are also guilty of this. You're treating money like a toy when you don't plan how to use it no matter how little. Any money that you don't have plan or budget for will quickly bunk out of your hand. You don't want to marry a lady and tells her I don't have plan for you, will such a lady stay? If you have a domestic animal, you have plan to feed and takes care of them. If you see money as a toy it will gallivant or gad away from you.

Not tracing where your money is going: if you don't know where your money is going, you have given it permission to disappear. See, money is spiritual, I mean the nature of money is spiritual and volatile. Spiritual things are volatile; they disappear if you don't trap them down. Know and trace where your money is going and make sure it worth it.

Spending everything: when you spend everything that comes into your hand lavishly. You have been infected with spendicyties and it will only leave you broke and eventually poor. Don't spend everything save some. An adage says if you cannot save then, the seed of greatness is not in you. It takes discipline to save but it will pay you at the end.

Having a sense of arrival: you have been chasing some amount of money for some time and suddenly it came to your hand. Invest the money back and use it judiciously. You have been working for money now let your money works for you. The richest people on earth are not really working, its their money that is working for them.

Giving money for eye service: don't get me wrong, am not against giving but you are not expected to give money to every tom, dick and harry that comes to you. For example, you follow your friends to an events and you are spending lavishly so that they can know that you have money. You saw a bevy of ladies and you begin to spend lavishly especially while shopping or in a restaurant even philanthropist doesn't give away money like that they screen people they give to. You will just end up broke if you continue like that. Stop giving away money without a genuine purpose. Don't do (o wa n be) "am there".

Not trapping money down: like I said earlier that money is spiritual and volatile in nature. Whenever you sizzle some money, don't be over excited, just trap it. You said how? Use it to buy ASSET. Don't buy LIABILITY. Whats the difference? Simply stated, asset is what brings more money to your hand while liability is what takes money away from you.

Now there you have it. Please don't forget to share, like and comment blessings.

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