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What people are saying about Pennywise Wealth Management platform

Pennywise Wealth Management platform came as a relieve for most individuals, seeing this to be a great opportunity in investing in stocks and getting returns. To some it's a business opportunity while to other it's a scam company, a ponzi scheme with the aim of scamming citizens of their hard earn money.

Since MMM crashed many individuals have been given a new insides on the way and pattern of internet business, pennywise started out good for most people and with testimonies of withdrawal comes more investors, but it's been well over 2 days now and the penny wise official website is down due to reasons best known to the company.

Many people fear this is the end of penny wise with more and more people having invested in the past few weeks due to high returns and possible bonus, despite many pleas online by companies and individuals to stay away from such scheme. The citizens how ever would not want to listen unless it's at the last minute.

see reaction from Twitter given the latest news on pennywise Wealth Management

Is this finally the end of pennywise?

Or are there doing some upgrading the public doesn't know about yet, it was said the site would be doing some maintenance and would be back on the 21 of August all fingers are crossed are we await for what would be a sad or happy news for people who have invested their money.

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