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See 5 Businesses You Can Start With N30,000 And Make up to N5,000 Daily in Nigeria

There are a lot of small businesses that are thriving in Nigeria today. Some of these businesses yeild hundred of thousands. With the economic situation of the country where jobs are not forthcoming it is important to think outside the box.

Here are 5 Businesses you can start with 30,000 Naira

  1. Dry Cleaning - Despite the number of dry cleaning business you see around you, more are still needed. You can easily start dry cleaning business in your home and have your neighbors and friends as your first customers. Then you need to print a business card and distribute it around. you will be surprised how much you will start making daily and the number of customers that you will have. You can start by manually washing and ironing, as long as their clothes are clean and nice they will be happy.
  2. Ankara Gown for Babies- This is a very lucrative business today in Nigeria, and not many know this. All you need do is get Ankara materials from the market which don't cost more than 2,000 Naira for 6 yards. Take it the tailor to sew into gowns the size of babies, select good designs. you can have them sew at least 20 pieces for you. Now to marketing, print flyers and distribute around, then also make use of social media adverts which is very effective. watch mothers order these cloths from you and yo make go profit. If you can sew yourself nits an added advantage.
  3. Mobile Food Vendor - You will be surprised by the number of people that can't cook or don't have the time to cook. This is the reason this business is good, and one can profit from it. You can start cooking from home package it well and deliver to homes and offices. You need to print stickers that you will put on your pack, also print flyers and do social media adverts to get wider reach.
  4. Drop-shipping - Drop shipping i a great business to do at this time. You need to get an eCommerce store, you can do it yourself or pay to get it done for you. The business is about listing products from bigger online stores (Preferably stores in china where its really cheap) on your own store and add profit to the product. Then then advertise your products to customers, When you now have an order, all you need to do is order the product from the bigger store and have it delivered to your customer. that way you make profit.
  5. Mini Importation - This is a very profitable business you can start with 30,000 Naira, You simply order products from abroad preferably china and have it shipped to Nigeria. Then you advertise the products you imported and sell when you have added your own profit. It is very good to have an eCommerce store for this where you can list your products for wider reach.

Here you have it 6 Profitable businesses you can start with 30,000 Naira and make up to 5,000 Naira daily. It is very important to be consistent with any business you choose.

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