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Checkout the meaning of POS and some other abbreviations you will love to know the meaning

Welcome to gabbyblogspot your number o e writer who is always ready to keep you entertained at all cost and at anytime you need to be entertained. Today I will be telling you about some abbreviations you never knew their meaning.


The POS is commonly used by almost every body today for different transactions, either to buy goods, collect cash from their stand or to send money to love ones. But most people don't really know the meaning of the abbreviation, the POS simply stands for Point Of Sale at least you have known this today.


The ATM is another commonly use machine but we still don't know what it stands for and how it connects to you collecting your money the ATM simply means Automated Teller Machine.


This is another thing we don't really know the meaning, as for me it took me long before I could know the meaning of the abbreviation but today I can tell you that OTP stands for One Time Password, and it's not meant to be shared with anybody at anytime at all.


The Compact Disc is another abbreviation that was really hard to know till today some of us don't really know the full meaning of CD.


This is a web host word that most of us still don't know why that abbreviation comes before every website. Well, the HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, without this abbreviation it will be hard for you to navigate through the website. The website might not even open.

Having known this abbreviations and there meaning, which other abbreviation will you love to know?

Kindly drop your opinion in the comment section below.

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