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10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start With N15,000 That Will Give You A Lot Of Money Every Month

Want to start a business in Nigeria? Looking for profitable business in Nigeria, can you start with N15,000 or more? If YES, in this article we have prepared a list of ten business ideas that you should consider starting this year in Nigeria. Nigeria’s economy is growing stronger and this has led to an increase in lucrative business opportunities in Nigeria Today.

10 profitable businesses to start with N15,000 or more in Nigeria.

Here are the top 10 profitable business ideas to get started in Nigeria:

1. Sale of fruits and vegetables:

This business is very important in Nigeria. Although in some respects / areas it can be seasonal business unless you live in rural areas. You can make money on fruits and vegetables in Nigeria. Fruits and vegetables are very important in the human system with many health benefits. So the question is very big, why not consider this adventure?

2. Telephone repair activity:

You can start a telephone repair business with just N15,000. It is very profitable and rewarding to start this business. First you have to learn the skills, your tools how to buy; screwdriver, clamps, spudgers, welding, multimeter, LCD tester, cleaning brush, battery tester, spiritual cleaner, magnifying light and so on. And plan your business well before you start.

3. Footwear business:

This is one of the business opportunities presented in Nigeria. With N15,000 up to N20,000, you can buy your shoes from manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers and start your footwear business. Everyone wears slippers, shoes and sandals. How many people have seen you work barefoot (besides crazy)? Therefore, this business is very profitable. Market demand is huge and the opportunities to make money are secure.

4. Sale of books:

Used books, also known as “Second Hand Books,” are one of the most profitable businesses to start with N15,000. Although the N15,000 could only start with 10 to 15 books, but over time, you can start importing books in a year. Everything requires dedication and seriousness with the business. In fact, there is an economic impact of used book companies in Nigeria.

5. Making cakes:

Cake making is one of the most lucrative businesses and the most consumed pastry chefs in Nigeria. There are ceremonial events that are held every weekend, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. Everyone needs the service of a cake maker. That is, the cake business is a lucrative business.

6. Make plantain chips:

If done right, the production of vegetable fries can be a good source of income. It’s easy to start with low capital. With N15,000 you can make french fries. You don’t need a shop or office to get started, as the production of vegetable fries is one of the home businesses and opportunities in Nigeria. Work out, buy your recipes and start making your own fries. Show your products to neighbors, friends and family, colleagues, and more. You can also advertise online and target your areas.

7. Internet business:

Internet business is the easiest thing to start, but it takes time and dedication to create it. There are many lucrative internet businesses to consider, such as blogging, freelance, product reviews, online consulting, affiliate marketing, and more. Sometimes Internet companies are free to start, except for data and packages. You can earn full-time income online.

8. Telephone accessories:

This business will be profitable if you can identify what your customers want. Before starting this business, you need to have experience, know your target market and your competitors.

9. Barbecue Business:

Barbecue, popularly called Suya, is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria that you can start with little capital. It is very important to be aware of all the requirements needed to start and run a successful business, business plan and marketing strategies.

10. Shampoo production:

The shampoo business is one of the businesses that can be started with small capital. To start a shampoo production, you need to achieve a short and long term goal. This is what it takes to make shampoo: capital, tools and equipment, recipes, know your target market, encourage your neighbors and friends to buy your products at a good price. The products must be of good quality.


These are the 10 best profitable businesses in Nigeria that you can start with N15,000 or more. All companies are very lucrative and do not hesitate to choose one and start researching.

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