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See how to stop worrying in life and blossom.

look back and wish you had done some things differently? I wish i had been a more disciplined person, i wish i would have bought stock 5 years ago, i wish and i wish...., always wishing and worrying . It's easy to suffer about what you could have done, moaning, " if only I'd done this.....or that."

But think about it.Most people were the best parents, at that time, they know how to be.Most of us try to make the best possible decisions about our love or work or investments. The point is, we should never be ashamed of saying we know now we could have done better ,or we were wrong, for that admission also says we are wiser today than we were yesterday.And how much better can we do than that?

We have all made mistakes.Good old hindsight! says; we can't undo the past. The only advantage of looking back is to learn to do better in the future.

Let's say you bought a hundred shares of a hot stock five years ago at five naira per share.Today ,after steadily sliding, it's worth only three naira per share. The price you paid is irrelevant. Today that money is gone and lost,irretrievable.It wastes your emotional energy to fret and suffer over what happened long ago.You made your best decision at that time so accept it and move on. Begin with today: what you now have is an investment worth 3 naira - period ! make your decision based on today's reality.

The same principle holds for relationships,jobs,or wherever you have invested time, energy or money. If the job you've had for nine years leaves you feeling bored and you're getting nowhere, why not think about making a change? If you were unemployed would you choose the job you have now? Making the decision to stay, even if you have already invested nine years, is essentially doing just that, whichever ways it goes. Take a fresh look at today's options.

It's like paying fifty thousand naira for a class you don't like and are getting nothing out of. You may think, " If i quit, i lose all that money. " But if you don't quit, the money is still gone and you've lost your time, too.

The point is,Begin with today stop worrying . You can't change the past.

You can only change the future, and since you are wiser now, start today to create the future you want and desire.

A sayings goes thus;

When the tides of life turns against you and the current upsets your boat, don't waste tears on what might have been, just lie on your back and float.

That's the way to go through life's challenges and overcome. Hope this piece was helpful.

kindly share your thoughts about it below. Thanks.

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