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Business 101:5 steps to boost your sales like a boss

With the absence of white collar jobs most people have resorted to business as their source of livelihood.Most businessmen still get very poor sales which can be actually frustrating.

In this article i will be giving you the hack you need, to change your fortune from poor sales to excellent sales.

Now ride with me!!!

(1) smile

Only a drug dealer makes sales even while frowning.when a customer comes to your shop the first thing he notices is your smile; a popular saying goes like this "smile is contagious" immediately you give a genuine smile (not fake) to your client he/she immediately feels at ease with you and that makes conversation to flow like the nile.

(2) Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a strong feeling of interest in something;without enthusiasm your smile will be fake.People usually have that innate ability of detecting fake smiles which will give them the impression that you are dubious.For you to be enthused, you have to love your business.

(3) Eye to eye contact

Try to look at your client in the eyes especially during conversation; this gives you an aura of superiority.when a client sees you looking sideways, it arouses suspicion and shows how unprofessional you are.

(4) Good attitude

Business involves selling your product and also yourself.You sell yourself by displaying good attitude;such as greeting,offering a seat, good sense of humour e.t.c.with good attitude you become irresistible to your client.

(5) If you can't convince them,confuse them.

Having done the 4 above you have to convince your client why he should buy from you and no one else.immediately a client ask for the price,every other discussion should pause, because that is the aim of running the business.You can convince your clients to buy more product by giving them valid reasons to do so, but if they seem difficult; you have no choice than to confuse them.


These aforementioned steps has helped many sales-men in the past.Give it a try and your business will boom.

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