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5 Jobs You Can Start With Just N2000 And Make N150000 At Month End.

One of the problems Nigerians are facing is Lack of Job Opportunities, there are so many graduate hunting for job yet can't find any.

But the good news is that you can become self employed through this 5 steps listed below, and I believe it will definitely make a change in your life.

Laundry Service: With just N2000 you can buy many cleaning agents like detergent, bleach and any other thing required for the job. And for a started do ensure to tell people around your neighborhood that you're into Laundry Service, I believe you will definitely get a job.

Cleaning Service Agent: So many Nigerians are so lazy to do their house chores, so they prefer hiring people to do the job for them, instead of doing nothing, stand up, buy cleaning materials and equipment. Move from house to house in your targeted areas. When you start getting lots of job, hire extra hands to make it easier.

Vegetable Farming: Nigeria has really diversified their economy to agriculture, and vegetables is now one of the growing business now in Nigeria. So try your possible best to get a small plot of land, buy vegetables like waterleaf, pumpkin leaf etc, and you can make not less than N2000 to N3000 from it.

Blogging: Do you know you can make a lot of money through blogging? Yes, blogging is one of the fastest way to make money now all over the world.

Selling of Fruits Salad: Buy different kinds of fruits, mix and chop it properly together. Package in disposable plates, refrigerate them and start selling.

I hope this business idea help us especially during this pandemic.

Don't forget you can as any questions in the comment section below...

Thanks for reading.

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