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My reason why i can't thank Kogi State Government For a job well-done, by Musa Flow

Kogi state is one of the state blessed with lots of natural mineral resources. It has lots of companies and factories that are known intentionally.

It is so bad and tragic to see that most of all are not more in use, back in 2006 Kogi state was among the economic growth of the country.

"The reason why I can't thank any Kogi government officials for a job well-done is that they (government officials) were like ATM cards/machines.

Do I need to thank my ATM cards/machines for any transaction I made with same since the former is my personal belonging"? - By a kogites

" You still need to thank your ATM cards/machines for dispensing cash and kind when the need arises this is because some ATM cards or machines are counterfeits!

Some ATM cards/machines function not as expected why because they were 'scam', hence, there is a need to thank your ATM cards/machines for giving you what you deserved."

Me: You are both saying nothing but the truth!

Content created and supplied by: Musaflow (via Opera News )

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