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Top 10 quotes that will change your life Forever.

If you want to be successful in life here is the Top 10 quotes that will change your life

1 .Hardworking does not guaranty success .The wisdom you applied generate success.

Arthur ~IGWURUBE SUNDAY.(me myself)

In this life there many people who work from morning to night but they cannot yet provide for their Family. But there are people who can sit down and think of how to succeed in life ,how to overcome their challenges. People do write on Opera news hub but only those who applied wisdom in their written become successful. you can publish thousands of articles but you haven't made up to 10k from it.

2 . If you are born poor is not your mistake but if you die poor it's your mistake.

Arthur ~BILL GATE.

Obviously there are people who were born poor but they don't think of changing their life from bad to good . I was born in a poor family but immediately I reach 15 I started thinking of how to become successful in life, how to make money online , today my life has changed.

3 . Storms Don't Last Forever

Arthur ~ Niels Geusebroek

If you found yourself in a critical situation never give up . Be strong because nothing last forever . Many do fail in life but those who call upon the lord shall renew their strength. Believe that God is able and it will be better.

4 .Always Build Multiple Source Of Income. Never Rely On One.

Arthur ~ Thebossfiles

This is the very big mistake many business owners and entrepreneurs make. Building a multiple sources of income does not mean you should be a jack of all trade no , as a business owner I am today ,I still do some online jobs that gives me a little income monthly, you can start a YouTube channel , you can become a OPERA NEWS WRITTER, you can become a blogger and earn multiple incomes monthly.

5 . Hustle Until You No Longer Need To Introduce Yourself.

Arthur ~GO GALAT.

Remember no one care to make you rich , you decide what you will be, the way you keep your bed is the way you will sleep on it .

Stop wasting so much of your time on social media , don't let your day pass you without getting a little income . Hustle do pay .

6 .I Never Dream About Success. I Work For It.


When I was Growing any time I set my eyes on a FANCY CARS I always say This is the car I will drive . Yes it's a beautiful car but the question is how are you preparing for that .

What have you done about that. Those who drive those fancy cars doesn't have two heads, they worked for it .

7 .Sometimes it's a smallest decisions that can change your life forever.


Learn how to take decisions As a young man or woman , alot of people today do die because they failed to take an action to their problems. I dropped from after my secondary school. My friends do mock me ,but I still believe that I made the decision by myself , today ,many of my classmates then has follow my foot steps because they saw the my decision has not failed me.

8 . Don't wait for the right opportunity create it.


They said OPPORTUNITY COMES BUT ONCE. Yes it does, the moment you skipped it ,you have lost it , Don't wait for a job to locate you , think deep and create an opportunity for others. E:g OPERA NEWS TEAM , CREATED THIS WEBSITE AS A JOB OPPORTUNITY FOR NIGERIANS DUE TO THE RATE OF UN EMPLOYMENTS . I BET YOU MANY WRITTERS DO EARN HUGE MONEY MONTHY MORE THAN SOME SALES GIRLS.

9 . It Takes Only The Wisemen To See The Future And Make It Happened Irrespective Of Thier Predicaments.

Arthur ~ IGWURUBE SUNDAY (me myself)

I bet you foolish men does not think of tomorrow, all they know is bring their daily bread , they said Don't think about tomorrow because tomorrow will think for it self ( objection) BIBLE SAID HEAVEN HELP THOSE WHO HELPED THEM SELF . Frog sleep when others animals are preparing for school he prepares for school when others has started writing exam and that was why he always jumping instead of walking. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

10 . Chase your vision. Not the money .The Money Will End Up Following You.


Now that you have put all these into practice. Keep calm the money will end up following you .

The success will end up following you .

Amen .๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


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Arthur Arthur Niels Geusebroek Opera


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