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Here Is How Some POS Agents Steal Money From People's Account

This Is How Some POS Agents Steal Money From People's Account 

- Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you a vital information, which concerns the money in your account. These days, many don't bother going to the bank or the ATM due to the long queueing and standing under the sun which is inconvenient. Some people prefer to go to the POS to withdraw or transfer their money because this will be easy for them compare to the pressure of going to the bank and which is also very fast. However, you pay little for the services they render.

- Some POS agents took this as a chance to cheat and dupe the hard earned money of the people that want to do transaction with them. They have many techniques which they carry out there work. In this sense, after reading this article, you will see the reason why you should be very careful and observant, they can not you, if you read this.

- Some of the POS agents, when you come to them for your transactions, they will tell you that there is no network. They will convince you to use the application on their phone. This app in there phone, when you type in your banking details, it saves your bank details automatically.

- This implies that the agent can now have access to your bank account, they will check your account without your consent. This agents can empty your bank account by taking all the money in your account. Many have done so, so you should be very careful in others not to fall as their prey. By the time they say, "No Network" kindly moves to another POS shop or go to the bank instead.

Hope you find this information useful, if you don't mind, share your thoughts by using the comment section below, also share this article with your friends and family so that they will be safe too. Thanks for Reading

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