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Ten Things You Should Know About Bodija Market In Ibadan.

Bodija Market is a popular market in Ibadan and it's one of the largest market in Ibadan, it's located in Ibadan South East local Government.

Bodija Market is a place where you can get varieties of things like raw foods, beverages, groceries and a lot more.

There are ten things you should know about Bodija Market.

1. Bodija Market is an international Market; Bodija Market is regarded as international Market because of its land space and size, apart from the fact that one can get a list of varieties of goods and services, it's also boost of many global products.

2. It's well organized; Even though it's not all the areas that are well organized, but some places around the market are well organized, especially those places where they sell commodity goods.

3. Availability of Motor Parks; Bodija Market has two major Motor Parks, Agric motor park and the main motor park, this has made it easier for buyers to park their cars and do their shopping.

4. All tribes can be found in the Market; All tribes can be found in the Market; Igbos, Hausas or Yoruba are all in the Market, Hausas are majorly involved in the selling of food items like beans, rice and others, while Igbos will be majorly found selling stocked fish but Yorubas are the majority selling all sort of things.

5. Accessibility to Banks; There are four Banks that are available along the market: First bank, Polaris Bank, FCMB and Access Bank.

6. Availability of choices; Customers can easily switch between various sellers, because there are lot of sellers that are available.

7. Commodities are cheap; Comparing to what you will buy at your localities, commodities are very cheap in Bodija Market, commodities like foodstuffs, pepper or groceries.

8. Traders are friendly; Due to competition in the Market, traders are very friendly with their customers so as to win the customer's heart.

9. It's full of touts and thugs; You must know your way in Bodija Market or else you may be scammed by the thugs or the touts in the Market.

10. It's in the heart of Ibadan; The market is located in the center of Ibadan, which can easily be located in Ibadan using Google Maps.

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