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Check Out What A Six-Year Old Girl Was Caught Doing.

Colleen Moultry whose six year old daughter Bethany Moultry told people how her daughter sets in her mind since last year December to help homeless people in her home town with one "Happy Bag" at a time.

It all started when the two were playing around the woods in Georgia,the little kind-hearted girl saw a man on the road side begging for alms,this touched Bethany so much and she was heart broken.

Being kind and generous is one thing, immediately she broke her piggy bank and have him all her savings .

Despite all,this little girl was not satisfied because she taught about thousands of people who could possibly be begging for alms.

Together with her mum,they came up with a suggestion for "HAPPY BAGS" to help some homeless people in their environment.This bag contains Socks,Two Masks,Band -Aids,Antibiotic ointment and body wipes as well as a cup of fruit, protein and a drink.

Below are some pictures of Bethany Moultry with HAPPY BAGS

Colleen Moultry (the little girl's mother) said,they could have given a donation to an organization but she wanted her daughter to be of help to others where shoe could see and understand who and how she's helping the poor.

The mother further mentioned how devoted she was,even when it was her sixth birthday and was asked what she wanted on her birthday,she quickly said she want more supplies of "HAPPY BAGS" .

Below are some pictures of Bethany Moultry with HAPPY BAGS

The news went viral on how she helps the homeless so she was able to get additional supplies funded through an Amazon wish list and so many more .

The little girl's aim is to be able to build small houses for the homeless and for the poor in her community and she's looking forward for more help.

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