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How to start laundry business with nothing

If you can think big, you can grow big. In other words, if you can think it, visualize it and simulate it in your head, you sure can achieve it.

Starting a business is a dream of many, yet only few are actually running their own business.

There is a difference between he who thinks and he who thinks and acts. Meaning, you should not only think about it but also act out what you think.

Many people think they need a huge capital to start almost any business, they always console themselves with the fact that they have no access to capital or the economy is not favourable.

However, here, I want to show you how you can start a laundry and dry cleaning business with little or nothing.

The key here is to start small and aim for the stars. Meaning, you can start in your room or your frontage. That your pressing iron you occasionally use could fetch you some money!

You have neighbours, friends and family, right? Good, those are your first clients. Tell them you have a business, tell them you are a Drycleaner, ask them to give you a try, decide how much you are going to charge and tell them you are willing to charge less for more quantity. And that's it.

If your services are impressive, those your neighbours, friends and family will introduce you and your business to their neighbours, friends and family, and that's it.

You could make 5k per week or even more. With time, consistency and improvement, you could make 50k or more per month. Then get a shop, reach more prospective patrons and start counting your blessings.

Start your business and mind your business.

Good luck!

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