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5 Profitable Business You Can Start With A Capital of ₦50,000 in Nigeria

Some businesses most times fail to germinate not because of the little capital it was started with, rather because the owner has little or no interest.

First and foremost, before venturing into any business, you should have an interest first. You don't just start any business because it gives money, it'll definitely crumble because it wasn't laid in a strong foundation.

You should be able to know what are you good at, what you'd love to do and what you are so passionate about.

First search yourself, you must be good at something, start from there because even if you have one Million Naira as your business capital, if you have no passion for what you are doing, it will most likely fail.

Here we discussed what businesses that can be kicked started with a capital as low as 50K

First, 50k is a very small amount of money so it might not be able to pay for a shop, so, whatever we are considering must be not necessarily be stationary.

Below are a list of some of them

1. Poultry

Poultry is one of the most underrated businesses in Nigeria, which is why those who are already into it keeps prospering because there isn't much competition around them. With 5k, you can a carpenter to build a little that can take up to 20-30 birds.

One of the major advantages of poultry is that it does not require your presence at all times. Once you clean the bird's house, change their water and give them feed, you can go about your other daily activities.

2. Baking

This is another lucrative money making machines. Once you have the contacts, connections, and a large social media audience, then you're good to go. No shop or Offices needed.

3. Agro Distractions

Now some might be a little bit confused here. What do I really mean by this?

Have you ever thought about buying palm fronts and either sell it outrightly or processing it yourself and supplying the proceeds to those in need of red oil? Have you ever thought about going to rural areas to buy snails and supply them to hotels and restaurants?

4. Printing Recharge Cards

Even though recharging online is rampant now, but it doesn't change the fact that majority of average and below-average Nigerians buy theirs physically.

5. Mini Importation and Drop Shipping

For mini Importation, all you need is internet enabled phone/laptop, data subscription and a little capital to import product into the country and resell for profit purposes.

As for Drop Shipping, you don't need any other thing other than an internet enabled phone or a laptop with data subscription, then you're good to go because you only sell from already imported ones.

The thing is, most of these petty businesses generate huge income, but unfortunately, it is the ones many still chose to ignore.

In case you don't find these listed ones satisfactory, follow my page for more of such related topics and remember to share this around to friends and family.

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