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Punchlines And Enthralling Stories Told By Pastor Adeboye In Today's Service

Topic: From Lockdown to Leaping up (Part 6)

Text: Act 3:1-8, Genesis 28:10-22.

Pastor Adeboye continued with the series, "From Lockdown to Leaping up" and he said some deep punchlines and told some enthralling stories.

The punchlines includes:

1. If God wants to lift you up, the sky won't be your limit, but heaven will be.

2. Before you leap, you must consider your landing.

3. The taller the tower is going to be, the deeper the foundation.

4. Jacob didn't steal his brother's (Esau) birthright, rather they did trade by barter.

5. God did trade by barter, by giving Jesus his only begotten son to the world in order to have more children. Now, the only begotten son is the first born of God's children.

6. If you make God your partner, every night you sleep he will show you how to do business.

He then narrated some stories of people who made God a partner in their business.

1. There was a man who was tired of saying 'Yes Sir', the man told God that he pays his tithe and he obeys his commandments and that he needed God to uplift him. Then, God showed him a vision that he should start a peanut business and he should mix honey with it.

Now, the man has two jets and his peanut was once eaten in a meeting where a former president of the United States of America was.

2. An unemployed man who can cook very well told God that he needed a job, then God told him to start making Bean Cake.

From that Bean Cake, he has bought two cars.

3. I was once in a conference in the USA and when it got to the time of giving offering, a man and his wife went to the altar, took the microphone and said, "The whole 17,000 people present should give their best and he and his wife will double it".

To my greatest surprise, when all the offering was taken and counted, the man gave double of it. Then, I went to meet him after the service so as to know his secret and he said, "Five years ago, he told God to partner with him in his business and that God will take 90% and he will take 10%. And his company last turnover was about $50million".

LESSON: When God partners with you, he will take the business like it is his own, because he would want to make big profit.

Therefore, invite God into your life and business today.

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