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How to access NHF loan from federal mortgage bank of Nigeria today

You'll agree with me that, loan is one of the factors that can improve the economy of Nigeria, because there are lots of pictures with great business ideas but do not have a enough finance to start it up, also there are people with abandoned projects which they can complete with the help of loans.

Having known this by the Nigeria government, they decide to start giving loans to the citizens through the Nigeria mortgage bank. if you have interest in applying read through.


1. Must be 18years above and also a Nigerian.

2. Must be at least six months a contributor to the National housing fund, that is he or his relatives must be a civil servant.

3. Must have a good financial track records.


1. The reason for the loan must be for building, acquisition of house or renovation of current house.

2. The loan is no for refinancing.


1. Applicants can not apply to the Federal Mortgage Bank if Nigeria(FMBN) directly, but should apply through any mortgage loan originator (MLO), which has been licensed.

2. Ensure that you use an accredited MLO. The NHF loan form are obtained from the MLO, feel it and apply.


1. The property which the loan is obtained for shall be the guarantor.

2. The property must have an approved building plan.

3. The property must have good value that worth the loan.

4. The property must have insurance.

5. The property legal mortgage between the mortgage loan originator and the applicant, will serve as a security.


1. Create a savings account that also have PMB.

2. Start contributing for at least three months.

3. Have good financial track records and cash flow.

4. Add a valid property document (example C of O) and an approved site or survey plan, as well as approved building plans to your profile.

5. Quantity price bills can be applied.

6. Submit a valuation report approved by a registered valuer or surveyor.

7. Tax clearance certificate of at least three years.

8. Mortgage you PMB or choice with a letter of consent.

9. Well filled mortgage loan form.

10. Prove that shows you participated in NHF. 

11. Pay slip that shows you have been contributing for the past three months.

13. In case of government projects, submit you letter of acceptance.

14. You should submit yma copy of your projects and membership certificate of your association as a proof of you are self-employed.


The highest loan that can be applied for is 15m naira and it's decided by the FMBN. 

90% of your property mortgage worth must be able to cover your loan.

Interest is as follow:

15m - 30%

10m - 20%

5m - 10%


A lots of people have been helped during emergency some have been helped to pay fees, invest or make purchase through this loan.

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