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How To Gain The Required 3 Years Experience Before Your First Job Interview

As Nigeria's economic crisis deepens, the chase for jobs in the country heightens. Every day, firms, companies and enterprises are flocked with myriads of job seekers searching for a means of livelihood. Many of these job seekers are fresh school leavers who face a daunting challenge of competing with experienced job hunters for limited employment opportunities.

As you must have noticed, most companies do not employ inexperienced persons as they would rather avoid the high cost of training such employees. They, therefore, demand for, at least, 3 years experience in related fields. But, how do you get these years of experience when you're just a fresh school leaver and no firm is willing to have you employed? This dilemma often leaves fresh graduates really frustrated, and that's why I've taken my time to write this article which, I hope, will get to as many persons as possible. 

So, how is this even possible?

These simple methods I'm about to reel out will do the trick, I assure. But, first, you must realize that you're not just after gaining experience because you want to go on a job hunt rather, you're doing so because you want to better your career. Having the right mindset will help your course going forward.

Now, let's skip the foreplay and get straight to the business of the day. 

It is worthy of note that when a company says they want "three years experience", they do not necessarily mean three years of working as a graduate. 

One grave mistake many undergraduates and their parents make is that students should face their studies alone and shouldn't be engaged in a job while in school. Some even think that those who work jobs while in school are less-privileged. What a pity! 

On the contrary, getting a job while in school is a fantastic step in getting the required years of experience you require to land your dream job. Now, you're wondering: how do I get a job when I don't even have a certificate to present? 

Volunteering. You may have heard about the term before but, in case you haven't, it simply means offering your services to a firm or company pro-bono (for free, that is). Ridiculous? Not so much. 

Volunteering remains a powerful way of sneaking into a company without a certificate. Yes. I used the word "sneak" beacuse you'll get in before they even realize it. How does this work? 

It could start with a letter as simple as this:

Good day sir/ma. 

I am Chidubem Njoku, a 200 level student of Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Abuja. I have been following your company for a while now and have developed keen interest in what you do. 

Please sir/ma, I would like to offer my services to your comoany pro-bono as I share similar ideals with your company and am currently studying a related course in the university. 

I promise to respect the rules and ethics of the company while I contribute my utmost best to the overall betterment of the company. 

I have attached my CV to this letter. 

Warm regards. 

Chidubem Njoku. 

Now, before you start questioning how you'll get the money for transportation and other logistics, you must consider what is the greater good. And, here's a catch. The good thing about volunteering is that it not only gives you a chance to earn the needed years of experience, it also avails you the opportunity to learn relevant operational skills you will never get the chance to learn in the four walls of a higher institution. 

What's more? You also get to meet real players in your industry. Imagine you dream of becoming a Radio Broadcaster and you get a chance to volunteer for Wazobia FM Lagos. It means you get to work with big names like Yaw even before you step out of the university. How about that for a head start? 

It has to be said, however, that combing work and school isn't the easiest of tasks to carry on. That's why I'll suggest you do that in your 2nd and 3rd years. You don't want to bother yourself with a job as a fresh student because that could, easily be the begging of the end for you, neither do you want to combine the hassles of final year with an equally demanding job. Wisdom, they say, is profitable to direct. 

So, if you took my advice, you'd have had at least two-years' experience. Where then does the third year's experience come from? Your guess, I believe, is as good as mine - National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Yes. The statutory one year service year provides young school leavers a golden opportunity to gain needed work experience. 

While searching for your Primary Place of Assignment (PPA), it is pertinent that you do not prioritize money over experience because it is experiential knowledge that will give you the needed cutting edge to land your dream job, not how much you were paid in your PPA as a Corps member.

Now, you've gotten this secret, do not keep it to yourself. Help a friend to help a friend by simply clicking "share". I will also love to hear your thoughts on this article so, do well to drop your beautiful comments. 

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