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5 best businesses one can start to get rich.

Thank you for clicking on today's wonderful,inspirational and educative article.This special edition has all the vital and necessary information on the greatest and best business one can start up with nothing less than #10000000today and become a billionaire in less than a year or a year and half,all it takes to achieve this is your patience,and you scroll through you will be enlightened on the ultimate and best businesses one can undertake to be a billionaire in a year.

1. Catfish business: many may wonder why I chose to add this particular business as my first list. But it is simply the truth, Dealing in catfish sales,and hatchery will make you a billionaire in less than a year and a half,particularly in Nigeria and Africa in a whole. Many business men and women who are into the business fully will testify to this,all you need is your land space ,portable water supply, your hatched fingerlings or juveniles,and your feed and you are set to become a billionaire in less than a year,in my next article I will dig deep into this particular business for you to understand it fully,all you have to do is to follow my page and you will be notified when it is posted.

2. Table salt production: 99.9% of the total population of the world uses salt,either to spice their favorite dish or as a preservative . So table salt is a vital product,which almost all the world's population use,so going into that line of business will make you a million dollars in less than 8 month. Africans most richest man and philanthropist alinko dangote can testify to this,all you need for this is nothing less than 4 to 5 million naira but if you are living near the Atlantic ocean it will be more cheaper for you .....all you need is your pumped Brine water,green house and machinery to get started and you are on the moving train to become a billionaire in less than a year and half.

3. Sugar production: if you are truly an investor you will grab this opportunity and stand a greater chance of becoming a billionaire in halve a year of sugar production but if you are to start you can start small scale production with less than 10 million naira,all you need is a land space,portable water supply sugar cane stick , packing/storage space for your processed sugar and your machineries . In my next article,i will be digging dip into sugar production line so you will know all the basics of getting rich in sugar production line of business.

4. Beer making business: one third of the world's population drink lots and lots of beer,and Europe has 50% of that seconded by America then Africa. Making beer making business ranked as the number 6th best business in the world to do. as many people love beer and then it creates a room for more investor to invest in beer making,making it one of the best business to do to become a billionaire. all you need is a land space for the factory,storage facilities,vehicles for transportation or you can even export your beer products too and last but not the least you need a license from your own local authorities( government) to be able to carry out your business legally in that territory you are in. And obey all laws of the land based on beer production and sales in your province. you can check out my next article on the process to make quality beer.

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