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Why You Have That Degree or Professional Qualification and You Are Still Broke

I was talking with a chartered accountancy student one day who remarked that after getting the ACA qualification employers will rush after him. Money will flow. His status will change immediately.

After all we saw hell in those dreadful ICAN exams. I wanted to laugh. Unlike him, I had apprenticed in Accountancy firms and knew many chartered accountants were barely making ends meet. The ones in companies were having to make do with abysmal pay.

And unlike before, finance staff in companies could be laid off now. Government accountancy Jobs are very difficult to secure irrespective of qualification. In simple terms, the market for employees was saturated.

Same phenomenon everywhere. Lawyers who don't earn up to minimum wage, RN (nurses) slaving away at pharmacies and private clinics earning peanuts.

Newly qualified doctors even reduced to begging for housemanship/residency slots.

Surveyors and engineers making do with land agency or some unrelated jobs.

Most really considering just demoting to learning lower *marketable skills*.

In NYSC camp, lots of professional persons were seriously considering stepping down to learn crafts as they didn't think they could earn from their professions.

So here's the reason you are still broke after attaining professional status.

You have an unrealistic ideal. You want to be hired on the basis of your paper and paid every month. You think your fancy qualification noe makes you to be above the hustles of life. Your paper can noe earn for you.

*Do you see how sales rep market products to meet targets?

*Do you see how tailors form personal ties and deliver quality work even through the stress of sewing from money to night?

*Do you see the vulcanizer change tire under rain? That's how the manage to survive.

So instead of deceiving yourself that dropping your professional qualification and going to learn catering or tailoring is the answer, why not think of how to max your qualification?

Doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants and chartered tax practitioners, med lab scientists etc. See yourself as a businessman. Even if you aren't finally can self employ yourself. It won't be easy. But then is mason work easy?

Oga enter street go find the money.

Content created and supplied by: Adamubwada (via Opera News )



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