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5 Words You Should Never Say To Your Boss

Working under someone is something a lot of people say it's Slavery. That is when you have a strict or a bad boss though but even if he is a very nice person you have to be very careful as to some words you say to your boss. They are humans too and definitely your superior. AND THEY HAVE YOUR SACK LETTER AT HAND.

These are some words you should never say to your boss if you have don't have another job.

1. My Former Employer Doesn't Do This: It's entirely wrong to compare people, it's worse to compare your boss with an old boss. You're indirectly saying he's wrong, and doing less than capacity.

2. I was more productive where I worked before: Saying this means you're saying that the company is negatively affecting you that's why you're not working better.

3. This job is stressful.: Maybe you should just get another one.

4. You're making a lot of profits and paying so little as salary.

5. You don't work as much as we do: This is purely insulting, saying your boss is lazy indirectly.

Say any of these and you'll be sure to earn your sack letter soon enough.

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