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Most expensive things in the world Davido's money can not buy

One of the most expensive things in the world is the royal Caribbean symphony of the seas, this ship is an oasis class cruise owned and operated by royal Caribbean international, it is also the largest passanger ship in the world it was built in chantiers de i'atlantique and saint nazaire in France. The ship is worth $1.35 billion it has long gross longue of 228,081 across 18 decks and length of 361.011 meters (1,184 ft 5.0 inchesmore pictures of the ship

It has everything a ship should have and it is also one of the biggest ships

2)The Graft Diamond Hallucination Watch

This watch is worth $55 million, and it takes the number one spot on the list of expensive watches the watch is also surrounded by pink diamonds

Do you think davido's money can buy these things please leave your comments on the comment box below.

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