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How do I monetize my blog?

Before building a website you should decide what you will sell to your have five options

This is what coaches, consultants,web designers and speakers sell.They use their skills to provide services for a client.


This is what people sell when they make ebooks,audio programs,book courses and more .These entrepreneur sell to customers what they do and enable them to know what they know

3.Physical things:

This is what people sell when they make arts, watches computer and everything else in the physical world.they use their skills to make physical things for their customers to take home


This is wat bootsrappers and silicon valley strippers make.These entrepreneur turns codes into tools and enable their customers to use them.

5 Eyeballs

This is when a business makes it profit from advertising,spomsorship, marketing or other similar arrangements.

The process should begin this way

1.choose a topic

2.choose an audience

3.choose how you will make money

4.Build an audience

5.learn about your audience problem relating to your topic

6.sell that thing

It's either you build an audience first or a product first and decide what you will sell before starting your business not after.

A blog is not a business it's a marketing channel.

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