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Profitable businesses you can start with little or low capital

Profitable businesses you can start with little or low capital.

The businesses explained below, if you bid your time in any of them, in a short time, with the right dedication, you can become a millionaire overnight, giving you control over your time as an entrepreneur, as well as getting job satisfaction, right passion and fulfilling your diving destiny on Earth. Pick anyone your passion goes with, among the list below.

1. How to make an insecticide: Buy 1 small bottle of sniper or DD force chemical, from chemical selling shop and add it to 1 litre of kerosene, poured into a bowl. Add¼kg of camphor, but grind it into bits before adding it. Stir all together. You may add color for beautification and packaging.

2. Air freshener: from people selling chemicals in your neighborhood, buy a chemical called METTHANOR, add 1 litre or 10 litre of it, to 100ml or 1 litre of FRAGRANCE (eg strawberry, vanilla, Lavender, Jasmine, Ambipure) and shake them together, you may add colour of your choice to enhance packaging. Package it in a container. Then, it's ready for use or sale.

3. Body perfume. Add 100ml or 1litre of fragrance (eg blue water, mallize, one man show, blue dream sweet lemon etc) to 1 litre or 10 litres of methanol and shake together in a packaged bottle. It is ready to use.

4. Production of soap: pour 1kg of caustic soda into a bowl, containing 3 litres of water. Leave it for 72 hours i.e 3days. Pour the caustic soda water into a heating pot and start heating. Pour the coconut oil into the heating pot and continue to heat until it is warm, add colourant and mix properly, till uniformly blend. When all have blended, add sodium striate and turn and off the heater. Add fragrance when the temperature cools, stir slowly and pour into moulds and leave it to solidify.

5. Dettor: Add 1 litre (or Quarter) each of chemicals called, pine oil, texapor and chlorozynol in a container, mix and stir properly add methanol and stir properly.

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