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If You Want To Be Rich You Should Know How Much You Want To Earn

 If you want to be rich you should know how much you want to earn and within what time space you want to earn it. So many of us say i want to be a millionaire but how much million do you want to make this year, that is the trick of been rich. If all you want is to be a millionaire you might not get there but when you say i want one million naira this year then it becomes easier getting to your money goal. Now take one million naira and divide it by 12 months, one million divide by 12 months will give you 83,333 thousand naira monthly, this is how much you should be earning per month if you are going to reach your one million naira in a year goal.

 The next step now is how do i earn 83,333 naira every month? Come with me and i will show you the inner working secret of the life of a millionaire. The following are the basic stages (some follow a non-declining trajectory) you will most definitely go through if riches should come quickly.

 1) This stage is for those that are starting out with no money ( capital) in their war chest. when you are starting out on your money / riches acqusition journey and you find your self with no money to make moves and you are hence restricted in your endeavour then sit back and soak this in and consider it critically ( it is called number rule of money making). GET YOURSELF A JOB, in doing this ( i.e. getting yourself a job) you must also watch out for the booth trap type of jobs. Some jobs are dead jobs, they will take you no where. What are dead jobs they are jobs that will take your whole day and pay you say 10,000-15,000 naira at the end of the month, unless you are a teenager living with your parent or you are an apprentice somewhere and you earn that for your upkeep. Look for a job that pays a decent wage whether you are a non graduate or a graduate. ( In this current economic reality a minimum of say 35,000-50,000 naira is decent enough). If it happens that you could not get a job, then throw pride aside and find a job in a construction site you could be earning a minimum of say 1,500 naira- 3,500 naira daily this will enable you build up money.

 2) After you must have gotten your self a job the next stage is saving. At this stage you build up your money 2 a particular level that gives you a confidence to face a certain period without experiencing financial crises, assuming you dont have a job on your hand. 

3) The next stage is called investment hunting. This is the most beautiful stage in the money making scheme. while looking for investment scheme look out for little products you can invest on that will not take more than 20% of your capital. The remaining 80% you keep back in the bank to serve as a collateral to your investment scheme or as is known in business parlance the (business doctor) should in case your business takes ill, you can inject some of the cash back into the business. If for instance you save up to 50,000 naira then you can set aside 10,000 naira for your investment. You could be wondering what type of business you can do with 10,000 naira. but you could invest that money and buy a bag of rice when the price is cheap and the sell it when the price goes up, lets say between a space of 3-4 months and walk away with nice profit. You should be thinking like the rich men do. A rich man says to himself i can buy a parcel of land and sell it off for a nice profit of about 400% in about 4-5 times. To get even with him all you do is to treat a product you can afford also like his parcel of land. like i say earlier you can buy a bag of egusi , preserve it and bring it to the market place when the price has gone up and sell it off for a nice profit.    To Be Continued...

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