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Some lucrative business you can do during this Lockdown.

Nigeria as a Nation is extremely battling with scarcity of jobs over a year, the Nigeria governments are not helping the issues.

The Nigeria youth have lost all hopes in Educational system because it doesn't look lucrative like that of our predecessors where if you are opportune to go to school you are one step ahead of poverty, schooling then is a poverty Breakers.

However, irrespective of this catastrophic condition there are still some menial jobs you can start with little cash that will fetch you a wonderful income at the end of every Month.

1. Selling of voucher.

You can start selling voucher and data in your area, because many people are not aware of how fascinating the job is, with ₦5000 you can generate as little as ₦700 and above.

You can be a retailer or their agent at the end of the day, although all things being equal, you must know how to brand your products to make it distinguished from others competitors.

2. Baking of Akara and Puff puff.

I know some people will be wondering or curious on this second point but is true, could you believe that I start selling Puff puff in my area with just ₦1000 and I was able to realise #1800 within some hours, there is no white collar job that can fetch you that in a day.

Let stop lamenting that there is no job in the country, there is, it just depends on how you market yourself and your business, packaging also is the ethics and success of business.

3. Selling of used clothes (okirika)

You can also start buying and selling of okirika clothes at the comfort of your home, you can just put it outside and repackaged it, I know a friend of mine that start this business and he was able to realise even more than I as a salary earner, this okirika business pave way for him to get a boutique and start selling designer clothes.

No business doesn't leads to success but it takes how committed you are to the business, what are your focus, stop making a discontent about how hard the country is but make use of the hardship to liberate yourself.

Content created and supplied by: Olaoyesimplicity20 (via Opera News )

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