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Can thirty three thousand naira be the way out for corpers?

It was announced in January that corp members would be paid 33 thousand naira as their monthly allowance, in reference to the implementation of the federal government minimum wage structure.

Corp members actually have started receiving that since January ending this year. The big question now is: Is 33 thousand actually the way out for corp members?

In my own opinion, the new minimum wage implementation is a good move on the part of the government, but does not actually solve the looming and alarming problems on ground.

The real problem is this: what happens after the NYSC service year?

Batch 19A corp members would be beneficiaries of the structure for 3 months, batch B for about 5 months while the new incoming sets are the real beneficiaries.

33000 in twelve months is totaling 396000.

This seems huge but would not solve the problems faced by youths going for service year in year out.

The fact that unemployment still await a mass of the already discharged corp members is a thing of concern. This is always observed every year.

Corp members seems to be jubilating last month, some are now complaining it seems to exhaust faster than the former pay.

The perennial solution the government should offer is creating more job opportunities, ensuring that the majority of the people who served their father's land are the beneficiaries and make serving as in NYSC worth its while.

Giving us 33k with the right hand and taking it back on the left hand by increasing VAT is an unimaginable thing to do to Corpers.

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