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Covid-19: Why Lockdown May Not Work In Nigeria

In a bid to curb the further spread of CoronaVirus in Ngeria, the federal government and several state governments have put lockdown measures in place. Like most countries, this step is taken to reduce person to person contact, which is the way the virus is spread. But unlike other countries that carefully put palliative measures in place to help with the obvious discomfort and hardship that comes with a lockdown, Nigeria is still grappling with the situation.

A quick scroll through Social Media apps will reveal the extreme discomfort most people are going through. Majority of Nigerians depend on daily income to survive, so a total lockdown situation is like a form of imprisonment to them. Take the petty traders, bus drivers and conductors for example; these are people with little or no savings.

Below are some reasons why I think this total measure will not work:

No Income or Palliatives: Since the stay at home order was placed, majority of Nigerians have had their source of income automatically cut off. Most are now either living on the little savings they have, borrowing or buying things on credit. How long before such people run out of choices, with the obvious lack of palliatives from the government.

Things are more Expensive: If you think not having money to buy foodstuff is the big problem, wait till you hear the current prices of everyday foodstuff. A loaf of bread previously sold for N300 in Benin is now N350, a bag of sachet water is now N200 from N150, and paint rubber of garri now sells for N1000 from N400. Traders are complaining about the inability to get foodstuff, thus the increase.

No Electricity: Now, to further compound the already complicated situation, there have been blackouts in most cities. So buying things in bulk with the hope of refrigerating them is totally out of it, unless one decides to be investing in fuel.

The situation is really a difficult one. We can only hope that the government comes up with something to help ease the suffering. How is the lockdown in your area and how are you coping?

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