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This Man Makes More In Five Minutes Than Dangote Does In A Day (Research)

Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian philanthropist and business. He is the founder and chairman of Dangote Group. He is currently the richest man in Africa and the 162nd wealthiest man in the world.

In Nigeria today, Dangote Group is the major supplier of market, supplying 70% of market to the country's soft drinks companies, breweries and confectioners.

From my personal research, I discovered that Dangote makes approximately $273,972 per day.

Jeff Bezos is an American investor, industrialist, media proprietor and internet entrepreneur. He is the founder, CEO and president of the popular multi-national technology company Amazon. He is the first billionaire to reach and pass a networth of a hundred billion dollars.

From personal research, Bezos makes approximately $2,489 per second, $74,670 per minute and a whopping amount of $97million-$275million per day.

Jeff Bezos makes $74,670 per minute, his income for five minutes is approximately $373,350 which is more than Dangote's daily income which is $273,972.

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