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How to ship your goods from china straight to your doorstep in Nigeria with ease

Importation goods from China to Nigeria today has been made very easy and stress free. From the comfort of your home, you can make order for goods from China and it will be delivered at your doorstep here in Nigeria

From this you will learn the various types of shipping and how to pay for the shipment of your goods for prompt delivery.

1. *Express Shipping*: This kind of shipping takes 3-7days. It is recommended for very light weight goods or for those that need their goods very urgently. Price is calculated based on weight. 

2. Normal Shipping: This is what most mini importers use, it takes an average of 14-21days to arrive and is cheaper than express. Price is calculated based on weight. 

3 Sea Shipping: This is recommended for those who are buying in veeery large quantities or those who are buying heavy items such as furniture, washing machines etc. Price is calculated based on space occupied in the container.


Shipping is calculated based on weight so the heavier your goods, the more expensive the shipping fee. So it is advised that when you are buying goods especially if your capital is not much, don't go for goods that have too much weight. 

The cost of shipping is usually written like this

4$ per kg and 400 clearance fee

This means that 4$ is what you pay the shipping company for your goods while 400 naira is what you pay to customs for clearance.

Different shipping companies have different prices, I just used the price above for illustration.


You pay for shipping when your goods arrive Nigeria. The last stop is usually Lagos, some shipping companies ship to Abuja, Onitsha etc but you need to find out from them.

When your goods get to Lagos, you will get a call or text message telling you that your goods have arrived. They will give you your bill. You can either go to their office if you are in Lagos and pay and collect or you send the money to their naira account and ask them to waybill to you ( mostly for those outside Lagos)

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