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Small Businesses you can do immediately after your N-power/NYSC Program.

The NYSC and the N-power programs are considered to be the only opportunity for young graduates to save some money immediately after graduation.

The NYSC Program which run for a period of one year now give a monthly stipend of N33,000 to each Corp members. This is considered a huge opportunity to save some money, as the initial stipend was N19,800/month.

While the N-power Program employs voluntary and qualified youths to serve in various sector of the economy for 2 years, with the monthly stipend of N30,000.

Since getting a well paying job after graduation and the one year NYSC Program is becoming more slim annually, many young graduates have resolved into starting a business after their NYSC Program.

But as we all know that starting a business in Nigeria is so challenging and difficult as finding a well paying job. Some small business ideas have been highlighted for consideration.

These businesses are what a young graduate could start immediately after the NYSC Program, since the businesses doesn't require huge capital or labor to start.

The businesses are listed below:

1. Broiler business: Broilers are poultry birds reared for its meat. This kind of poultry bird doesn't lay eggs, and they are largely used in Easter, Ed-kabir and Xmas celebrations. It takes only four months for the birds to reach the table size, and you could get decent income from this business.

2. Potato plantation: This business only require you to have a piece of land for farming, or better still a land to lease for farming. Once you get a land for use, you will need to get the potato stems for plantation at a local market or farm. The plantation requires land ploughing, stem planting, weed clearing with herbicides (just twice) and harvesting. All these processes lasts for only three (3) months. As we know that potatoes is a popular input used in potato chips production, and also serves as food.

3. Maize plantation: Maize is a food crop, and also an important element of animal feeds. Maize plantation requires some piece of land that could be leased at a considerable amount for the plantation period. The planting and harvesting processes takes only three (3) months.

What business do you consider giving a trial?

You can share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks for your time!

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