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I Saw The Boy From a Distance Picking This Money, I Never Knew This Will Happen. FICTION

The end time is already here, please people let's be very careful because the heart of man is becoming desperately wicked, the scriptures is already fulfilling itself, we are living in the last days when evil abounds and all that was prophesied is coming to be. 

This is a little story I witnessed that I thought of sharing because it might save or help someone out there. Please, Parent's let's train our children very well, the times we live now is not like before, the world is becoming more evil day by day, despite the hardship in the land, please talk to your children against picking things on the ground. 

I am a business woman who sell food stuffs in one of the popular markets around, it is one of the most recognized market from where am from, people troop in and out per second bailing therefore you can hardly keep track or record of people that come in and those that go out. 

This faithful day, I was just sitting and watching because there were no customers patronizing me at that point, behold o saw a young boy of barely 10 years old looking stunned while he focused his attention at a particular place, I was wondering why the young boy will just stand in a busy place like this looking around. 

At first, I thought the young boy was lost, so I gave him more attention looking at his next move if I should approach him and ask him what's wrong, unknowingly for me he was looking at a huge sum of money on the ground and perhaps thinking of how to get it for himself. 

My eyes never went off him as he moved gradually towards the money, as he gets closer I just sighted the money, that was when everything made sense to me. I decided to keep calm and watch what the boy had in plans to do. The young boy moved as closed as he could to the money while snooping around. 

With my eyes on him, thinking he was going to pick the money and ask for the owner, the young boy just gathered some confidence somewhere and immediately bends down to pick the money, with my eyes on him, immediately this young boy went down and touched that money what I heard was a goat cry. 

The boy has turned to a goat, observing all that had happened I shouted and put my hands on my head and call on the attention of the whole market, I now narrated everything that I witnessed to them but it was rather too late because no one knows the owner of the money, so we could trace and perhaps make some arrest and see to this boy coming back. 

I hope my little story and experience have taught someone a lesson today, please Parent's let's be careful and warn our children against picking anything whatsoever on the ground, this will go a long way to save our children. Thank You.

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